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Binchoise Noël

La Binchoise Speciale Noël

Description Amber beer of high fermentation, refermented in bottle, unfiltered, with slight bitterness. Its warmth and personality result from the unique blend of slightly caramelized barley malts and spices.

Ingredients Water, Barley malt, Hops, Yeast, Spices, Sugar


Bière de fin d’année, qu’on partagera entre amis ou en famille au coin du feu devant l’antre crépitant à l’heure de l’apéritif ou en clôture de repas avec un coin de chocolat ou quelques mignardises.

Binchoise Noël


Aspect : Amber, rich and deep robe reminding of brown sugar. White and abundant foam.

Nose : Generous nose with aromas of caramel and spices (cinnamon, licorice, sweet orange, badiane flower ...).

Taste : Although it has a 9% alcohol content, the Binchoise Spéciale Noël can be enjoyed with ease. Everything invites you to contemplation: the sweetness of the first sips, the progressive rapture of the palate and the surprising sensation of fullness on the back of the mouth, ending to unmask the presence of cinnamon and the badiane flower.

Binchoise Tradition