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Binchoise L'embuscade

La Binchoise L'embuscade

Description Inspired by an original cocktail particularly appreciated in Caen, in Normandy, the Embuscade reproduces the idea of a cocktail composed of a lager, white wine, calvados and blackcurrant.

Ingredients Water, Malt barley, Hops, Yeast, Sugar, Natural flavors.


The Embuscade is faithful to its promises. Even if it looks like an “easy beer”, it is very seducing and will not leave insensible the most demanding. Be aware, it still titles 5.8% alcohol!

Binchoise L'embuscade


Appearence : Orange and pink dress, cloudy, very original and unique in the landscape of Belgian beers.

Nose : The nose of the Embuscade is very greedy and surprising by its «candy» side.

Taste : At the tasting, the Embuscade confirms that it is not a sweet beer! A sweet bitterness perfectly balances the fruits that explode in the mouth, without acidity although it has a well present body.

Binchoise Tradition