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Binchoise La Belge

La Binchoise La Belge

Description Special Belgian Beer, amber, refermented in bottle, that has been refreshed and modernized thanks to a subtle dry hopping.

Ingrédients Water, Barley Malt, Hops, Yeast, Sugar

5,9% alcohol / volume

Binchoise La Belge


Appearence : Amber color from the special malts that compose it. The foamy neck is clear and abundant, the bubble is fine and generous.

Nose : Hoppy nose as it should be, signing the touch of modernity wanted by our Master Brewer. The Belge avoids the excess of aromatic hops.

Taste : At the first sip, a frank and pleasant bitterness invades the palate, like a call to enjoy a second sip without delay.

Binchoise Tradition